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Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney Bakersfield

H.A. Sala - Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Bakersfield CA. If you are charged with Domestic Violence in Bakersfield CA, contact the Law Offices of H.A. Sala. (661) 322-1708

Being charged with a domestic violence offense in Bakersfield can be extremely embarrassing and frustrating, because of the very personal issues that must be exposed in the process. There is nothing more upsetting than the government meddling in your personal life, getting involved in your private disputes with your spouse, or having a domestic violence charge affect your rights in a divorce or child custody proceeding.

Throughout his many years of defending the people of Kern County, Mr. Sala has handled countless domestic violence cases. His key to a successful defense depends on immediate evaluation of the credibility and veracity of the prosecution’s witnesses and a thorough investigation to uncover the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Mr. Sala’s thorough and relentless preparation has resulted in countless dismissals and exceptional results for his clients in domestic violence cases.

If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence, you need a qualified Bakersfield Domestic Violence Attorney to protect your rights. Attorney H.A. Sala has the experience to successfully defend you.

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